Mayaangi -Meet the Characters – The Sutradhaaras

Dancers of Bhavas :

Mayaangi’s story is about exploring beauty, courage, and peace as virtues and a journey in transcending one’s fears. As dancers of emotions, we try to portray beauty (Shringara ), courage (Veera), peace (Shantha), and fear (Bhayanaka) as prominent emotions.

We have attempted to carry these emotions to the audience through different classical dance forms depicting these emotions.

For me, it was an exhilarating experience to collaborate with my dancer friend Preeti Ravishankar on these dances after years. Being trained under the same Guru Dr. Tulasi Ramachandra, we shared similar dance body language and views. We improvised each of these dances with every practice while feeding off each other’s energies. The joy of dancing with a Guru Bandhu is priceless!