Meet the Cast-Saanvi Bapu as Jaagruthi

Meet the Characters/Cast series: Proud to introduce my senior student, Saanvi Bapu as ‘Jaagruthi’. Saanvi Bapu, a high school senior has been learning Bharathanatyam since first grade. Like her character ‘Jaagruthi’, Saanvi remained unruffled and took up the challenges of learning a new style of dance and learning elements of theater with grace and maturity. She is headed to UC Davis in the fall of 2022 to major in cellular and molecular biology. Despite her senior year at high school, Saanvi stepped up by balancing school and practices to bring out her best. About the Character: Jaagruthi is a poet and reformer of the kingdom of Meghadri. She stood up for truth, justice, and equality and inspired many through her poetry. Jaagruthi’s journey brought her peace. What is peace according to Jaagruthi? What leads you to peace? Where can you find peace?I have attempted to bring out Jaagruthi’s dance through Kathak form. I am thankful to my Kathak Guru Smt Anuradha Nag for introducing me to this beautiful dance form. Join us at our premiere to hear Jaagruthi’s idea of peace.

Do give a listen to Saanvi Bapu on her experience playing Jaagruthi in Mayaangi