June 12th 2022 @ 10:00 AM Premiering on LayaNritya YouTube Channel

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Mayaangi- Awaken the fearless within you

What happens when your dreams and aspirations are overpowered by self-doubt and fears? Mayaangi’s story is about one’s dreams, aspirations, and a journey to embrace the fearless in you.

I wanted to weave a story around the characters that were mythical and yet relatable to capture the imagination of young minds. We wanted to bring them alive through classical dance and drama. The female characters (Naayikas) I tried to create are strong, yet vulnerable and without reference to the hero(Naayaka) in the context. Can you identify with them? Watch us at our premier.

Mayaangi a dance theater production by LayaNritya Premiering on June 12th on YouTube and live screening at Badrikashrama at 10:00 AM.

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